Is Poker a Business Or a Hobby?

Poker not always play at the same table! As with any competition, there are players in paris participate in poker tournaments. People who bet on the player now has the game players and the attitude they have. About his favorite football team This means that besides the competition people their favorite players in the tournament and also in everyday life. Besides poker players have other hobbies like cars, golf, tennis, etc., do not play sports. World Poker Tour (WPT) to comply with a series of poker games with a name. Games are every day and on the TV.

Anyone over 21 can register for this tournament. He only has an entrance fee, the payment depends on the type of tournament. Earn player pays 4,000 and $ 12,000, and after a long session of games starts playing the World Poker Tour, and left after only six players and are playing at a table for the title of “Man of the Year”.

World Series of Poker (WSOP) began in 1970. This tournament will be aired on ESPN sports TV. The entry fee for this tournament is $ 10,000. To increase the number of players each year. In 2000 they were taken and 4,780 players last year, more than 23,000. In 2005, the total price is $ 47 million. It’s about 560 players and first prize was $ 7,500,000 divided.

See these numbers .. are enormous. In this case we can talk about poker as a business. But we will see a different perspective … Many people who play poker for fun. Other players dream. Best of the best, as players participating in the WSOP, EPT or other major poker tournaments For many players, not just a question of money … they only want the best – the feeling that you can not buy with all the money in the world! This is hobby or should I say passion is. Everyone thinks that their way … One thing I can say with authority … Poker is a way of life … Also when it comes to poker as a business or as a hobby!

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