Maximize Casino Comps

Several years ago, while losing at blackjack, I said a floor supervisor was not enough “points” to get a free breakfast for my wife and me: “What!” I cried. “I just lost $ 500 on this stupid game, and you say there is not enough to feed us?” I was angry and sad, and I began to consider how to choose the casinos that comp’ed. The result of my research is below. Please enjoy this, you and your wife never hunger:

First Use your player’s card. A library card issued by a casino is “follow suit” If you move through a variety of arcade games (and games), it records information about how much to bet, and if you have time “session”. Low This information is sent to mainframe customers is the set of “points” or even money. The idea is simple and really works. If you play for seven hours in a dollar slot machine and lose five thousand dollars, would have been better to use a card player. If not, the “seeing” Casino is not your game, and will not give the compositions that are eligible.

Second Blackjack Tips. Arriving at a blackjack table, gives the card to your dealer. Relay is a floor supervisor, your Player ID on your computer will open. It is also the buy-in, and how much is bet on each hand. Not all hands, but an average value of the hand. If you want to increase compositions, buy in bulk, and start with a minimum of $ 25. by hand. Twenty-five is the minimum of the house begins to give comps. Now, later, when he leaves, you can reduce your bet (s). Unlike slots, you can get away with this movement.

Third Do not move. If you do not have enough time in the table, will not win many compositions. I learned long ago that meetings of ten or fifteen minutes at the table games practically “invisible” to the people of a draft. If you need to change the table name, manager’s room is on the move “a few tables with feathers.” In this way the game is to save as a continuous session. Go to the mine is a good way to lose his compositions. If the floor manager, who is not logged in, you can search for a time, shows the meeting and will never be worthy compositions, no matter how much you bet. Casinos, as long meetings, with high levels of the game

Quarter With the Head of Department, gossip. If you play a board game and the stage manager is around, look at your game, they tried, the time it is in Paris and if you win or lose. But did you know that the floor manager (often erroneously called Pit Boss), the scope given to the sample, you and your wife for her own decision? If you are with him (or her) said, and began a friendly conversation, chances are “going to give this small sample, just because he loves you. Ask questions. Ask for advice. Let her know you are interested in what you have to say. Sometimes it’s bad for you and give you a model of discretion. This is especially true if you play by the agreement between the subject in a casino and hotel to stay in. There might need to make the model, but a children’s play, it will give you if you do not know.

Fifth Contact the casino host. Depending on the height of the game are, a casino host (sometimes referred to as casino marketing representatives) meet good people. They offer discounted rates for air, and lines of credit, reduction or set free rooms, meals and beverages, held bills eyelashes and generally take far longer. You can even use your influence to get tickets to shows or theaters in other cities. Can not be considered a great player, but the casino still loves his room. A relationship with a casino host, with the names, and the call before planning your trip. (I started a relationship with a variety of Casino at the Mirage and I were very helpful.) Could even update your bedroom or a trial at all. As you guessed, a casino host that rewards based on their game, so do not have unrealistic expectations about the amount of his compositions.

I know Vegas is a wonderful place to stroll. There are so many things to see and do. How could you live in a set? You can not do. The casinos know that too. But if you want maximum compositions disciplined enough to return the “casino at home.” Many smaller meetings throughout the city are not distributed equally good compositions. Also, if “do Vegas” before you get tired of walking. Stay at a casino and will reward you with more compositions.

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